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BiTech IMS

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Efficient tracking saves costs, prevents shortages, ensures timely maintenance, enhances patient care, and streamlines operations in healthcare facilities.


Track dispatches ensure equipment availability, support urgent needs, streamline workflows, enhance patient care, and optimize resource utilization.


Optimized to maximize lifespan, reduces downtime, enhances safety, improves quality of care, and boosts overall operational efficiency.

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Use Powerful Management With BiTech

A robust system enhances efficiency, minimizes errors, ensures regulatory compliance, optimizes resource allocation, improves patient care, and reduces costs in healthcare facilities.

BiTech Data Integrate

Used for over 990+ devices in different facilities

BiTech’s inventory management system streamlines VA Medical Center operations, ensuring efficient procurement, storage, and biomedical engineering service of medical equipment.

VA Medical Center

BiTech’s inventory management system improves Southside Medical Center’s productivity, assisting in sourcing, organizing, and distributing medical resources seamlessly.

Southside Medical Center

BiTech’s inventory management system enhances Kindbody’s operations, facilitating the efficient handling of clinical reserch resources for their IVF clinic services.


BiTech’s inventory management system optimizes VCA Veterinary’s operations, ensuring smooth handling of veterinarian resources essential for their animal care services.


Frequently asked questions

Is there a free version of BiTech?

Unlock streamlined operations and optimized resource utilization without any monthly cost for an entire year with our complimentary inventory management system.

How to start this tool?

Begin your subscription process by signing up on this special invitation website or contacting our team to get started with inventory management.

How to upgrade to ims bms?

Upgrade at check out to access our inventory management system with added biomedical engineering services through our convenient one time discounted price.

What is the refund policy?

Commitment ensures dedicated service, uninterrupted support, and maximal utilization of resources throughout the entirety of the free 12-month subscription.

Set permissions and admin controls

Upgrade to IMS 75 for enhanced control: Set permissions, manage administrators, and maintain security protocols to optimize efficiency and workflow management.

How to Integrate with BiTech?

Easily integrate spreadsheet data by importing or linking it to our system, ensuring seamless compatibility and streamlined data management.

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